Friday, December 4, 2015

advent calendar. day four. christmas tree

These adorable christmas tree ornaments were my inspiration for today's ornament, how cute are they! Since this was one of the first ornaments I'd made I hadn't been to the store for any fun yarn colors and I thought my kids would identify with a green tree most so went with that. I may make some stripy bright ones another year as friend gifts!

I used size three needles and this yarn. I didn't alter the pattern except to cast on 16 stitches (instead of 18 in the pattern) to make the tree just a little bit smaller (final size was about 3" high). The little beads came from a bracelet that my daughter fortuitously snapped right when I was knitting this and while I promised to try and fix it for her I really stole the beads and threw the rest away - scandalous I know, don't tell her!! (she hasn't asked what happened to her bracelet yet!).

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