Saturday, December 5, 2015

advent calendar. day five. Christmas bauble

What christmas tree is complete without a bauble? This one just had to be orange since it is my favourite colour but I questioned my decision when my son opened the pocket this morning and thought it was a pumpkin! - should have gone with a more christmassy colour I guess. Oh well, I like the pumpkin christmas tree bauble!


I used this pattern but changed it to make the bauble a little smaller, altered pattern is below. I used this yarn for the bauble and this yarn for the toggle (except weirdly mine doesn't have sequins in it?) and a size E hook. 

Anyhoo, here is the pattern.

sc = single crochet

st/s = stitch/es
sk = skip

Round 1. make a magic ring, 6sc into ring.

Round 2. *2sc into each st. *Repeat until end. (12)

Round 3. *1sc, 2 sc into the next st. *Repeat until end. (18)

Round 4. *2sc, 2 sc into the next sc. *Repeat until end. (24)

Round 5. *3sc, 2sc into the next st. *Repeat until end. (30)

Rounds 6-10. 1sc into each st.

Round 11. *4sc, sk one st. *Repeat until the end of the round. (24)

Round 12. *3sc, sk one st. *Repeat until the end of the round. (18)

Round 13. *2sc, sk one st. *Repeat until end of the round. (12)

Stuff firmly.

Round 14. Repeat round 13. (8) 
Round 15. Switch to silver yarn, sc into each st. (8)
Round 16-17. 1sc into each st. 
bind off, thread around the hole and pull to close it. 

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